LGA Agricultural Consulting Co. -                                  Confidence in Pricing Decisions
LGA Agricultural Consulting Co. manages price risks for producers and consumers of agricultural commodities.  Our goal is to increase your profitability and reduce the emotion in pricing decisions.  We determine when and how to price and our customers decide where to price.
The goal of pricing to increase profitability and reduce emotional decisions is accomplished by having a consistant plan.  Typically, a third party is needed to maintain clear focus on the plan and to execute the plan.  Programs developed by LGA systematically price, based on market signals attempting to sell at market highs and buy at market lows.  We currently have plans developed for corn, soybeans, wheat, milk, cattle, hogs and soybean meal.  We tailor our plans to our individual customers considering their needs, wants and limitations.
We draw from our strong farm and grain elevator background in developing our pricing plans.  You will find our prices affordable and for an additional fee we will execute your plan for you.
grain elevator management
LGA is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
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